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Chiropractic Biophysics

Chiropractic Biophysics is a complementary medical treatment that helps improve patient health by adjusting the musculoskeletal and nervous system

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The Ideal Spine

We’ll take pictures of your spine and compare the images with published standards. We’ll point out any deviations we see. Naturally, these findings will direct our specific care recommendations.


Symptoms We Treat

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Corrective Care Protocol


After symptomatic relief, patients are offered the option to pursue Corrective Care. This is where dramatic, longer-lasting spinal changes are made. This is done through a specific protocol of adjustments, traction and exercise.

Adjustments help restore segmental integrity to the spine, decrease abnormal weight distribution and avoid spinal degeneration

Traction delivers a constant force to help retrain and remodel the spine to counter the effects of long-standing postural distortions

Exercises, designed for each patient’s particular spinal abnormality, are used to strengthen weaker areas of the spine


Documented Spinal Changes

With high levels of patient involvement and objective standards used to measure success, expect to see dramatic spinal changes.

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