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Whiplash Treatment Phoenix

I was lucky! I was born into a Chiropractic family!

Three generations of Chiropractors! When I was born, the doctor had to pull me out by my head with forceps. Unfortunately, this caused a large hematoma on my head so large, I looked deformed. My Uncle Jerry Haggard, M.D., who delivered me, said it may never go away. My grandpa, Walter Haggard, D.C., started adjusting me right away and my deformed head returned to normal in only two weeks!

I worked in my father’s office when I was in high school. I saw many advances that patients experienced through Chiropractic care. I was impressed how Chiropractic addressed the cause of a person’s health problem rather than the effect. By correcting the cause of the problem, the intelligence of the body most often will heal itself.

Chiropractic Education

I was educated at Life Chiropractic College West. I was impressed with the incredible design of the human body and how it functions. I was involved in a research project in gross anatomy which involved finding what caused the person to die (more specifically, which organ failed). We traced the nerve from the organ that failed back to the spine and found that in a very high percentage, the nerve that went to the organ was pinched at the spinal level that supplied that organ.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to treat the cause rather than the effect of disease. I have learned many awesome techniques in my 19 years of practice. My focus is to empower my patients with the knowledge of proactive heath care.

If you had a car with a bad alignment and kept driving it, you would expect it to wear out prematurely. Doesn’t it make sense that the body will do the same? It’s odd to me that many people take better care of their cars than their own body, especially when many people will sell their car in five years, but keep their body for a lifetime!

Better health can be achieved through increased neurological function, or in other words, better posture and joint function which take the pressure off of the nerves and keep the nerves flowing freely. The leading cause of bad health is stress. Phoenix chiropractic helps reduce stress by removing nerve interference.

Symptoms We Treat

Don't live with pain any longer.

On a Personal Note…

I have a beautiful loving wife of 14 years who homeschools our two awesome kids. Our kids were born at home and never vaccinated. We like Scouts. I am an Eagle Scout and hope my son will follow in my footsteps! My daughter Hailey is an incredible singer and actress. We enjoy surfing, skiing, RZR rides, mountain bikes, motorcycles, scuba diving and anything adventurous!

I get adjusted at least once a week. We try to eat mostly organic food. We exercise regularly and focus on positive thinking. I like extreme sports, so I am also doing decompression traction, K-laser and corrective exercises. Chiropractic keeps me in great shape so I can do what I love: care for patients! I adjust my wife and kids on a regular basis. Never trust a cook who doesn’t eat his own cooking!

We have many success stories in our office. Patients often say that they had tried everything and had been everywhere with no results and that we were their last hope. If you want a new perspective on your health, which focuses on the cause rather than the effect, please call Haggard Chiropractic and set up a complimentary consultation. We will evaluate your condition. If we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we will help you find someone who can.

  Auto Accident Injury Treatment In Phoenix.