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My name is Luie I’m from Phoenix AZ, I started seeing Dr. Haggard after a car accident, I had neck pain and headaches. I was very surprised to see how fast the neck pain went away, I would recommend Dr. Haggard to anyone. I have fully recovered from my injuries feeling great. Thanks you Dr. Haggard. Luie U.

My name is Irma I’m from Glendale AZ, I was involved in a serious car accident, and having to go through all the pain and suffering, I was happy that I was able to receive the care that I needed to help me get better. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Dr. Haggard’s help. I really appreciate him and his wonderful staff. I feel great not suffering from any pain. Irma R.

My name is Eric M I’m from Phoenix AZ; I was in a car accident. I had severe neck pain and back pain. I was prescribed pain medications, which didn’t help at all. After the first week of treatment with Dr. Haggard I was able to stop all medications and my pain was gone. After several weeks of exercises and treatment I’ am now back to my 100% better. The pain and discomfort are gone, thanks to Dr. Haggard and his staff. I would definitely recommend Haggard Chiropractic he is the best. Eric M.

My name is Rene F I’m from Avondale AZ; I ‘am very grateful for Dr. Haggard and his attentive assistants for helping me with this wonderful Chiropractic treatment. This treatment truly relieved my body from feeling severe pain on my back and neck injuries sustained in a car accident. After several weeks of treatments, I feel so good that I began to sleep well at night. I’ am able to walk normally without feeling pain. I highly recommend Dr. Haggard for his well respected professionalism; he is the best chiropractic in the whole valley and their assistants.

Thank you again for all a job well done.
Rene F.

My name is Richard Y, I’ m from Phoenix AZ; I was in a lot of pain from my car accident. The doctor that I first saw prescribed pain medicine, my pain was to improving after couple of weeks. I went to see Dr. Haggard and the pain was gone within couple of treatments, drug free and pain free, I thank Dr. Haggard and his assistants for the wonderful care I received from his office. Richard Y.

My name is Maria L I’m from Glendale AZ; I started my treatment with Dr. Haggard due to an auto accident and now after 3 months of treatment, I’m glad to say that I feel so much better. I thank Dr. Haggard because I received very professional care from his assistants and I would definitely recommend him to anybody that unfortunately had an accident. Maria L.

Many thanks, to Dr. Haggard and his staff. This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a doctor, I feel 100 times better now than I did when I first started my treatment. My name is Lucy A. I’m from Phoenix AZ; I came to see Dr. Haggard after a car accident, I had pain on my back, hip pain and legs. Now all my pain is completely gone. I feel like I can move around a lot easier than I did before, plus Dr. Justin Haggard and his staff has the best bed side manner, I have ever received. They all made a pleasure to come visit this doctor’s office. Lucy A.

My name is Kevin F, I’m from Peoria AZ; I was in a car accident, I went from being broken to feeling like brand new in just few months. Thanks to Dr. Haggard and his wonderful staff. I suffered from injuries sustained in a car accident. My headache, neck pain and shoulders were killing me. Dr. Haggard fixed all my aches and pains. I enjoyed going to his office and hanging out with his friendly staff. Kevin F.

Hello my name is Joe I’m from Avondale AZ. After my auto injury I was left with neck and back pain. After Dr. Haggard took X-ray’s and saw that I had lost the curvature on my neck, we begin treatments. After the first treatment, I started to feel some relieve. When I completed my treatment, my neck and back were like new! A lot stronger and more mobility than ever… Thank you Dr. Haggard and his staff, for all the wonder help and taking the time to accommodate my schedule. Joe R.

My name is Vanessa I’m from Goodyear AZ. I was really hurt after my auto injury I was not able to perform my daily activities. After beginning my treatment with Dr. Haggard, I can defiantly see a change in my posture and how my body is responding to the treatment, I no longer take pain medicine that I took for months and I’m more flexible. I defiantly recommend Dr. Haggard he is amazing. Vanessa S.

My name is Carolina, I’m from Scottsdale AZ, I was in an auto injury few months ago. I had several injuries, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain. I came to Dr. Haggard, and started my treatment. After couple of sessions, I noticed the improvement mobility and flexibility I was gaining. I feel so much better, all the pain has gone away. Carolina M.

I had a lot of pain on my neck and back after my auto injury. My name is Alexis M. I’m from Phoenix AZ. After treating with Dr. Haggard, I’ am pain free. Dr. Haggard was very helpful and informative, answered all of my questions, and made the first visit a magnificent experience and not a scary visit with bone cracking. I feel great and I ‘am thankful I came to see Dr. Haggard, his staff is so wonderful and friendly. Alexis M.

When I began treatment, I was in a lot of pain due to recent auto injuries. As I continued with my sessions I began to feel a lot better. I was extremely satisfied with the care and treatment I received from Dr. Haggard and his wonder staff. All my pain has vanished; I have better mobility and flexibility. Lizette L

I was in bad shape. I had auto injuries and they just got worse and worse. I finally came in to see Dr. Haggard and after few months of treatment my condition has gotten better, I’ am at 100% better and my posture has increased dramatically. Thank you Dr. Haggard I highly recommend his care. Tammy M.

My name is Robert I’m from Phoenix Arizona, I was in a car accident about 2 months ago; Haggard Chiropractic helped me get better. Now I can do all my normal activities and care for my family with no pain and worries. All his staff is great and very helpful. They will all get you better. I strongly recommend him to all my friends and family. Robert H.

My name is Gloria I’m from Phoenix Arizona, When I first arrived at Haggard Chiropractic, I had just been in a bad car accident that gave me whip plash and injured my back. After being treated with Dr. Haggard and his team, my neck and my back are back to normal, the stretching and exercises helped so much in getting me back to normal. I recommend Dr Haggard to anyone and I would come back for regular adjustments. Gloria A.

My name is Jennifer I’m from Goodyear Arizona. After my auto accident I began treatments with Dr. Haggard, he was patient and gentle. Following the course of my treatments he recommended, I was able to be pain free and much more flexible. As I approached the end of my treatment from the auto accident, I could definitely see a difference in my posture and how my body was responding during my daily activities. I have been able to wean myself from pain medicine that I have taken for years with my chiropractic visits. Jennifer W.

My name is Tom I’m from Phoenix Arizona I came to Haggard Chiropractic for treatment for my car accident. I was in a lot of pain. Dr Haggard did an exam came to find out I have whip plash and damage on my neck and back. After receiving chiropractic treatment I can say I feel better and I am very grateful for his services. He addresses my injuries very professionally and made every visit beneficial. Thank you Dr. Haggard for all you have done for me and my family. Tom R.

My name is Debbie I’m from Goodyear Arizona, I was in a car accident; I was in a lot of pain on my shoulders, neck, and back. I came to Dr. Haggard with reservations I thought chiropractic was a joke. When I saw the shape of my neck and back I was worried. In the beginning I could hardly do the exercises and stretches. Within 2 weeks I was doing a lot better. At the end of treatment I was able to do all the exercises. I’ am amazed by the results and improvements of my body. Thanks to Dr. Haggard and his team. Debbie J.

My name is Mark I’m from Avondale Arizona, I started seeing Dr. Haggard after my car accident; I had a lot of pain on my neck and headaches. I was very surprised to see how fast the neck pain went away. I would recommend Dr. Haggard to anyone. His team is amazing and friendly. Mark T.

My name is Mike I’m from Phoenix Arizona, In 2007 I was in a motorcycle accident, I was thrown 64 feet. I broke my T11-T12 and had herniated discs. I had a hematoma in my brain64 stitches on my left knee, 3rd degree burn on my left arm, ripped out 4 of my fingers. Special Thanks to Dr. Haggard he got me back in shape! Completely changed my life, I’ am to lift, run and back to my normal life and activities. Dr. Haggard is the best. Mike E.

I started treatment with Dr. Haggard due to a car accident. My name is Fausto I’m from Avondale Arizona, Since the first week of treatment, I feel total improvement in my body. Now the pain and stiffness on my neck are gone. Also the numbness on my hands that for year I suffered from. I sleep better, walk better and my mood has changed because I feel younger. I received professional care from Dr. Haggard and his staff. Fausto S.

I first came to Dr. Haggard due to a car accident. My name is Norma I’m from Goodyear Arizona, I suffered from headaches, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and sinus problems. Since my treatments I no longer suffer from stiffness or pain and not to mention my posture has gotten a lot better. I highly recommend his staff and Dr. Haggard. I simply love all of them. Norma R.

I was in a car accident; my name is Jennifer I’m from Tolleson Arizona, I had severe injuries on my neck and my back. I couldn’t walk or move It was very scary. But Dr. Haggard and his staff made every visit pleasant and caring. After several visits my pain is going away I can walk and perform my normal activities with no pain. I feel better. Jennifer A.